I went to the Doctor today to find out what’s causing my laryngitis. I’m on my 12th day of dealing with this aggravating voice problem. Good news…This was caused by a viral infection so it will eventually clear up. Bad news..I’m drug sensitive so I will have to be patient and rest my voice rather than rely on a quick fix prescription.

The problem is I love to talk…I’m friendly and outgoing and have no idea how to avoid conversation. If I stop talking folks who know me will definitely realize something is wrong. I will have to make a sign that says,”Not allowed to talk but hugs are strongly encouraged.”

As far as my telephone conversations…Family is very aware of what’s going on so that’s not a problem. I have to pick up my business calls even if all I can do is squeak out a hello.That has turned out to be a huge problem.

I’m sure I’ll get through this…I’m just feeling a little frustrated at the moment. I feel like that kid who falls off a bike and can’t get back on! But when I do…I’m sure I’ll never run out of conversation!

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