Former North Carolina Senator, John Edwards, is back in the news for allegedly fathering a child . Just like other politicians, Edwards lied to the world about his sexual relationship with someone other than his wife. I believe that salvaging his political career meant more to him than being honest. When Edwards finally came clean on public television, I thought he looked and sounded like a pathetic fool.

Big talk in North Carolina was, “Boy did John Edwards ruin his political career!” More importantly, he destroyed a beautiful relationship with an incredible woman who fathered his children, held the family together during the loss of their son and stood by his side through-out his entire political career. John Edwards had an amazing wife/best friend and it wasn’t enough. While Elizabeth was battling cancer, he became involved with another woman. He’s currently being investigated for the money that his alleged mistress received during his campaign.

I am sorry that John Edwards ever represented North Carolina in any capacity. I think he is an embarrassment to our state. My hope is that his wife will live out the rest of her life with dignity and grace. I don’t want to see whatever precious time she has left, be destroyed by her husband’s scandalous past.

** To those of you who believe that John Edward’s sexual misconduct has nothing to do with his trustworthiness as a politician, I disagree! John Edwards did everything in his power to hide his affair, including deceiving the American public. I cannot respect a liar nor can I support him as a candidate for any office.

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