On August 25th, 2008, I wrote a column about shoddy workmanship …..It’s time for another!

I recently moved into a brand new townhome…My first new home ever! My excitement was short lived when I realized how poorly all the appliances were made compared to what I had left behind in my other home.

For starters, my microwave door handle cracked within the first few weeks of using it. The problem is the plastic is so inferior it’s ridiculous. My refrigerator bins are so cheaply made, the handles fall off almost every time you go to pull them open. The entire interior of the refrigerator is poorly made. The joke of it all is… These appliances are considered top of the line.

In my old house, I left behind a refrigerator with no bells and whistles, but it is made solid and still runs twenty years later.
My generation understands my frustration but I’m not sure the younger generation gets it because sadly enough, they have grown up with shoddy workmanship.

A word to the manufacturers of inferior merchandise. Please do not try to defend yourself by saying how you have to cut costs to save consumers money. The majority of consumers will tell you that they would rather pay more for a well made product, then get stuck with a worthless piece of junk.

As my readers know…My favorite phrase is…Consumers deserve better!

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