My son, the Attorney, was very distraught when he called me yesterday. The night before, he had attended a board meeting and had (as always) shared wonderful conversation with his friend/mentor Chuck. A few hours later, my son’s beloved friend was dead.

The first thing that went through my mind when my son shared this story was how precious life is and how we really have no idea what lies around the corner…. More the reason to live every day to the fullest and make time for the people who are special to us. We often get so caught up in our day to day high tech lives, we overlook the joy of a good conversation with someone we really care about.

My son almost didn’t make that meeting because he was feeling a little under the weather.But then he thought about his friend Chuck and how disappointed he would be if he didn’t show up.
So he attended the meeting…

And that is the memory that my son will cherish forever.


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