I was offline for a few days and when I went back on, I discovered that Facebook had completely revamped their format. People of all ages are complaining but I believe that MY generation is suffering the worst anxiety over the changes.

I am part of the generation that got excited when the electric typewriter was invented which eventually led to  …are you ready??…a WORD PROCESSOR!!  When the computer was invented and eventually available to the public, we were the generation who had to turn to out technologically savvy kids to teach us how to use them.

We are the generation that remembers shopping BEFORE indoor malls and discount warehouses….eating out before most fast foods  chains…long distance phone calls that cost a small fortune…. television before color and remote controls.. making popcorn before the microwave was invented……the list goes on and on.

Which explains why we are the generation that is deeply appreciative of the opportunity to rekindle long ago friendships and find extended family thanks to Facebook. We know our boundaries when it comes to posting embarrassing things on our children’s pages. (One warning is sufficient!)

So bear with us if we go into panic mode when warnings like, “If you don’t click this and check this and fix this and do a hundred other things, your Facebook page will now look like a maze and your worst enemy and the meanest bully from elementary school will now be able to see your page and humiliate you!”

I’m exhausted and I haven’t fixed a darn thing yet!

Excuse me while I hop off my computer and find some good old fashioned paper and a writing instrument my generation used to love…It’s called a ballpoint pen!

I’ve got a letter to write which I’m sending by snail mail!

Those good old days!

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