Stress is debilitating and sometimes it’s difficult to work your way around it. So what do you do? You can either uncork it and let it explode, which isn’t good for your health or you can face it head on which is much more of a challenge but a better option.

Let’s say you’re facing a situation that you can’t fix and struggling to deal with the stress. An example might be a terminally ill loved one. How do you get up each day and face what you know is a no win situation? To help alleviate your stress as the caregiver, focus your thoughts on ways to make each remaining day memorable for you and your loved one. One of the greatest gifts my Mother ever gave me was a tape she made called, “A trip down memory lane.” My Mother talked about every wonderful time she and I shared together in this journey called life.

What if it’s a situation that will most likely improve but you’re feeling the anxiety and frustration of not being able to come up with a quick fix? Focus on anything positive that is happening in your life. It could be the simplest thing like, “I’m so happy I have a great landlord.” In these tough economic times, almost everyone I know is dealing with challenging situations, which makes it even more important that we face each day with an upbeat, positive attitude.

Life is always going to include a dose or two (or more) of stress…it’s inevitable. It’s how we work through it that can make the difference in how we feel physically. In the long run, it’s worth doing everything we can to stay healthy.

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