Gas prices are choking all of us but there are a few simple things consumers can do to save money.First of all, eliminate all the I forgot to pick up or I forgot to do this trips by writing everything down. This will reduce most of those extra trips that eat up so much gas. Stick the paper on the refrigerator and write things down as you think of them.

Gather the family and coordinate schedules… How much gas can we save today by carpooling to activities and running our errands along the way? Challenge them to help you save money …it’s a great learning experience for the whole family.

Right now it’s tough to trade in gas guzzling cars for more economical models wants them. Now is the time to keep those cars in top shape, keeping up with maintenance so they don’t eat up more gas then they need to. Be diligent about inspections.

If you are lucky enough to live within walking distance of places you need to go then by all means get out there and start exercising. My youngest son lives downtown and walks and bikes almost everywhere. Not only is he saving on his gas bill, this hard working entrepreneur is relieving stress and keeping himself in terrific shape.

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