Heidi, Debi, Paul & Richard Drecksler

My husband and I forgot about Father’s Day until our daughter, Heidi, called to remind us. Between my husband’s training classes for his new real estate career, our commercial cleaning business and moving out of the old homestead, we’ve had a serious case of brain fog!

Our two youngest children, Heidi and Paul, took us out for a Father’s Day dinner at Thai Basil, one of our favorite restaurants downtown. After our scrumptious meal and some great conversation, we all went for a stroll. Next door to the restaurant  is a real estate center called Private Mountain Communities. Richard and I were surprised to see our pictures through the front display window. We are both featured in advertisements for the townhome development that we live in. It’s always fun to see where our pictures show up!

Heidi stopped along the way at a chocolate/ice cream shop and insisted on buying a few treats which we shared while sitting on a bench people watching. There are always interesting things to see in downtown Asheville. Our  daughter decided that we should take a family picture, so I stopped a very tall, friendly looking man and asked him if he would be the photographer. He smiled and said, “It will cost you!” I answered, “Too bad…I could have shared our chocolate, but we just ate it all.” Five minutes later, Vermont transplants, Bernie, Anne and Irving, their six year old son, became our new friends.

After Paul (a.k.a. Adventure Paul) bid us adieu to go off on another adventure, my husband, Heidi and I kept on walking. What a surprise! We ended up at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge where my husband and I were treated by Heidi to more chocolate goodies. This chocolate shop/lounge is the most popular place in town!  It was packed as always.  One of the highlights of the night was bumping into friends who recently had their 4th child. All three of us held their deliciously plump and juicy 9 week old son. He smiled the whole time!

At the end of this very special evening, Brandon, ( a.k.a. B-Wise) Heidi’s best friend  showed up at the chocolate lounge to wish Richard a Happy Father’s Day and spend time with us.

Heidi is moving to South Florida next week, so this Father’s Day celebration was very special to her. I know it was a night she (and all of us) will remember…always.

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