Wouldn’t it be nice to take 24 hours off from the stress and rigors of real life and completely unwind ? Not everyone has the financial means to jet off to some exotic island or rent a condo on the ocean ….Here are some suggestions for relaxing in your own backyard.

Go outside…Spread out a blanket and sit on the grass …Watch the natural habitat…You will be amazed what goes on …I have a cousin whose favorite unwinding technique is to watch insects …. He once spent an hour observing an ant carrying a morsel of food across his backyard. This man lives his business 24/7..He told me that his little watch the insects ritual helps keep him sane!

Why is it that adults feel like they can’t enjoy the things that brought them so much pleasure as children? When was the last time you went to a park and got on a swing? Remember those who can swing higher contests you had as a kid? It is an exhilarating feeling to get that swing off the ground as you reach for the sky!

Bake cupcakes… and then give them out to everyone you care about. Watch their faces light up when they are handed a delectable treat.And don’t forget the sprinkles!

Find that inner child and let him/her out…if just for a day.

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