I have to keep paper and pencil all over the house so that when I spit out a funny line or two, I don’t forget them. Age related perhaps? Unfortunately, (just like my songs) my best comedy is written in the shower, not the greatest place to keep a notebook.

I also come up with some pretty terrific stuff  when I’m supposed to be sleeping, which might explain why I am always tired. I feel sorry for my husband who has to listen to my muffled laughter under the quilt.

I am always my best audience, laughing hysterically at something that there’s always a chance, no-one else might find funny… but   they’re not in my head seeing the world through my eyes.

They say a comics worst moment is when they tell a joke and no-one laughs.

Not true at all..

What’s worse is when the comic stops finding the humor in life!

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