I’ve continued my search for the perfect mattress and after visiting every store in the area and doing my online research, I am 100% convinced that a mattress is one of the most difficult purchases to make. I’m repeating myself but I need to because a mattress that is used nightly must meet your needs. Here’s a suggestion…When mattress shopping, bring a sheet with you..After the salesperson answers all your questions about the mattress that meets your needs (listen carefully..if they avoid your questions and beat around the bush..you might want to go elsewhere) then spread out your sheet and stretch out on the bed for at least 10 minutes.

Yesterday, I was told about a mattress manufacturing company located in South Carolina …I had never heard of them. mattresses . I was looking at furniture in a small family owned furniture store just a few miles from where I live. After mentioning my frustration at finding the perfect mattress, the owner recommended this particular mattress company. He spent over an hour telling me the history of the company and describing every detail about the mattresses they sold.I tried out a few and was pleased with the way they felt.

Last night, I went online and read everything I could find about the company. They have a great reputation. Though smaller then their competitors, they’ve been around for years.

I’m going back with my sheet to take a nap on a few of those wonderful beds.I’ll keep my readers posted on my final decision.

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