Sometimes we stray so far from our aspirations, we have a hard time finding our way back. It’s easier to complain about how unfair life is than to actually work at getting back on track.
Blaming everybody and everything else accomplishes absolutely nothing. What it does is waste precious time that could be spent more wisely.

Get to work on your self improvement. Figure out why you got off track. If it’s something out of your control like the floundering economy, then try to figure out how you can weather the storm. Work on your goals simultaneously with going into survival mode. That may mean bagging groceries while you write the next best selling novel. Be prepared to do whatever it takes!

If you’ve lost your way from lack of motivation then figure out what you need to do to be excited about life again.Want to change your path? Figure out how to get to where you want to be and then approach it one step at a time.

Let’s say that you want to go back to school to work on a degree. Step #1 would be to come up with a financial plan that will allow you to pursue this goal. This might include researching different options like scholarships, work study programs etc..You can’t go to step #2 without completing step#1. Let’s relate it to real life. A baby rolls over, sits up, crawls and then walks. It’s one step at a time !

Surround yourself by positive people. Let their optimism and good attitudes fuel you. You will find yourself accomplishing more and you will be happier. Then do the same for someone else who might need some attitude cleansing. Let the positivism become contagious!

Be good to yourself physically because an exhausted, nutritionally depleted individual will not perform well. Get your rest, eat healthfully and watch how your mood improves. You will have more energy and be better prepared to work hard to achieve your goals.

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