First impressions are everything. My Father had an expression…”When you go to the bank to borrow money…wear your best suit.” When a customer enters a place of business and is greeted by a sloppy disheveled person, it makes a very poor first impression. Things like uncombed hair, dirty nails, soiled clothes and scuffed up shoes are a real turn off.

One of the nicest saleswoman I ever knew lived on a very limited budget but she always looked stunning because of her impeccable grooming. Her clothes were always pressed, her shoes shined and her hair neatly coifed. She sold woman’s clothing and she always looked as classy as the clothes she was selling

I wish that food establishments would realize what a turn off it is to be served by a person with hair hanging in their face and a filthy uniform. I’m old enough to remember when wearing a hair net was a requirement so the customer would not find hair in their food. Management needs to provide staff with more than one uniform so there’s no excuse for coming in with yesterday’s food splattered all over their clothes.

I think employers need to reinforce how important personal grooming is to their employees. In the long run…it can help increase sales.

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