I’ve been a Fran Drescher fan since the first time I watched her sitcom, The Nanny. Being a Jewish woman of the same generation, I laugh my way through every episode, no matter how many times I watch them. I love that our names are similar…Drescher…Drecksler!! And best of all, I love what a caring, human being she is!
Fran is a uterine cancer survivor and the creator of Cancer Schmancer, a movement designed to educate women about all types of cancer. She writes:

The Cancer Schmancer Movement is dedicated to lowering cancer mortality rates by: • transforming women from patients into informed medical consumers • educating women on the importance and methods of early detection • shifting this nation’s priority from just looking for a cure, to prevention and early detection.

Fran Drescher is what they call in Yiddish a mensch!

Her efforts as an outspoken healthcare advocate in Washington DC helped get unanimous passage for H.R. 1245 (also known as Johanna’s Law).

Drescher has been the recipient of the John Wayne Institute’s Woman of Achievement Award, the Gilda Award, the City of Hope Woman of the Year Award, the Hebrew University Humanitarian Award,the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Spirit of Achievement Award and most recently, the City of Hope Spirit of Life Award.

For more information about Fran Drescher’s fight against cancer, please visit the Cancer Shmancer website.

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