Yesterday, I called my 5 year old granddaughter to see how she enjoyed the unexpected snowfall that surprised everyone in the Raleigh area. She told me that school was closed and she was in the house all day. I told her that Poppi and I were driving back from Florida and that it was a very long ride. She said that she heard on television that the roads were very dangerous to drive on. I promised her that we would be very careful.

I asked my granddaughter if she knew who the new President of the United States was ….Without missing a beat she stated Barack Obama. Then she informed me that SHE planned to run for President one day. I told her that I would definitely vote for her in 30 years or so but since it was her Daddy (my son the Attorney) who is now old enough to run for President, didn’t she think HE would make a good President in the next election. She paused and replied with all the wisdom of a 5 year old… I think my Daddy should be the Weatherman and I should be the President.

Who am I to argue!

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