Quitting a job, being laid off or fired is no picnic but beware of bringing your negativity and grudges to the next step…Interviewing for a new job.

Walking in to an interview with a chip on your shoulder will not win you any brownie points with a prospective employer. No matter what the situation was at your previous job, even if you’re in the middle of a lawsuit against your former employer, do not get into that at the interview!

Put yourself in the interviewer’s seat… Would you want to hire someone who is sitting there voicing their anger at how poorly they were treated at their previous job? I think the bad vibes would be bouncing off the walls and the interviewer would be planning his great escape!

Here’s a real scenario …A talented entrepreneur is brought in to manage a struggling restaurant for an absentee owner. In the course of a year, he uses his expertise to turn the place into a thriving business, so successful that the owner is able to sell it for a nice profit. The new owners bring in their own management team and the young man is given his walking papers without any severance pay. What does he do? He walks up to the former owner and thanks him for the opportunity to work for him. His philosophy…I may need that guy’s reference one day so why leave on a sour note? He carries this positive attitude into his job search realizing that the job market is tough enough without carrying a chip on his shoulder.

Learn from the negative experiences but don’t weigh yourself down with them if you want to find that success you know you deserve!

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