I came across this song the other day and LOVED it. I’m working hard to get my Mojo back, so I can start writing some really good comedy again. Every once in a while it’s good to take a step back and look at L-I-F-E for what it is (even the not so great stuff) and then accept it all and move on.
http://webpages.scu.edu/ftp/BGiven/images/400px-Broom_icon_svg.png When your sense of humor gets lost under the clutter of life … you have to get out the broom and start some heavy duty sweeping. Don’t sweep it under the rug…Open your front door and get rid of it completely.No…don’t stop at the porch…Keep on going…You can do it…Down the driveway…Keep on going…No… Not next to the poop that your neighbor’s dog left on the lawn..(She always claims she’s coming back to scoop it up) Sweep it out of your neighborhood…Out of your L-I-F-E completely.

Then find your MOJO (now that the clutter is all gone) and go do your thing!

Did I write this for myself?  As Sarah Palin would say..”You betcha!!


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