There’s only one thing worse than getting into a big rut …and that is doing nothing about it. I constantly hear people whine ” I can’t think of anything to do” or ” My job is so monotonous I want to scream .” The problem is…They don’t make any effort to change things.

Can’t find anything interesting to do in your free time? Stop focusing on yourself and go volunteer to do some good in the community. There are hundreds of opportunities out there. Use your talents to bring happiness into someone else’s life.

Find something that excites you and go for it! Try out for a play, take a dance class, learn to play an instrument…The list is endless.

Bored at work? Perhaps that’s a sign that it’s time to move on to something new and challenging. It’s not all about monetary compensation…You should enjoy what you do or that’s all it becomes…a paycheck.

Positive changes in life happen when you make them happen.

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