Taking on a big task? There are several ways to tackle it. Some folks like to get right into it and get it done. Others wait until the last minute and work nonstop ….the adrenaline rush fueling them. And some people like to allocate time each day to work on the project …choosing not to overwhelm themselves.

For example… Let’s say an office staff has been given a project to complete within 2 weeks. Bill gets right to work on it… putting everything else aside. John goes on his 10 day vacation and says he’ll work on it when he gets back. Mary takes out her calender and pencils in a time each day that she will devote to working on the project.

The different strokes for different folks philosophy works fine…as long as the job gets done! I think that taking this attitude can be helpful especially in a group situation. No two individuals approach tasks exactly alike…not in the workplace or at home.The goal is to complete the project not be judgemental about the method chosen. Learning what works best for each person leads to a more satisfying experience.

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