Hope my readers can stand one more column about shoddy workmanship. I’ve written one after another because nothing is made well anymore!

The other day, my normally even keeled husband blew his lid because…Here we are in this beautiful brand new townhome with all new state of the art appliances and every single one of them is defective. Each appliance requires a different technician to come out and check the problem which requires sitting and waiting from 8 to 5 for each one of them to show up and tell you what you already know…Your appliance is defective. It makes no difference that the project manager at our development already came out, looked at the defective appliances and reported the problems. When I explained that to the repair service telephone operator she said, “Your project manager does not work for the company. We have to have a qualified technician diagnose the problem.”

Qualified technician diagnose the problem? This is not brain surgery lady…We are sitting here with a houseful of crappy, poorly built, pieces of junk that we paid top dollar for. We do not have the time to sit here all day (we still work…we are not retired) just to have your technician tell us…”Yes, you have a problem and we will need to order parts to fix your appliance.” This requires another service call, which requires sitting here again from 8 to 5. And this is what we have to go through with each appliance because for some reason, a service technician can’t fix two appliances at once. Strange, huh??

Now back to the part of why my normally very low keyed husband blew his lid. The microwave door that cracked right after we moved in required 2 parts to fix. One part came in and could be installed. The other part could not be located anymore. We were told the microwave was “usable” without the part and if it broke again, the company would deal with it then.

My husband said, “Enough is enough. Why would I agree to such a preposterous idea? I paid for a new home with new appliances NOT defective ones. We’ve wasted hours upon hours of our time, dealing with a situation that is not our fault and should never have existed in the first place. Replace the **** appliances!!!

The highlight of this story is…My beloved husband finally understands why his been around for awhile but still kickinwife always says ,”You might want to think twice before you trade me in for a new model!”

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