What the state calls a “temporary backlog” is causing large scale delays in getting people their North Carolina tax refunds.At issue is a cash flow problem. The state doesn’t have enough revenue on hand to pay out tax returns, so it is tapping special accounts to pay those refunds.Secretary of Revenue Ken Lay promised that everyone entitled to a refund will eventually get one.

I can’t believe that North Carolina is delaying the return of our hard earned money. I refuse to listen to any excuses…We are such a taxed state, certainly they can find the money somewhere (start by eliminating the pork barrel spending) and pay us on schedule.

North Carolina taxpayers are frustrated and upset and they have every right to be. With the economy the way that it is, tax refunds are needed more than ever. There are families who are counting on that money to stay afloat.

North Carolina has a cash flow problem? If the guy on the street used that as an excuse and didn’t pay his or her taxes, we’d be penalized with no concern for our personal plights!

Why are we, the taxpayers, expected to be so understanding?

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