For the past few days we’ve had a taste of spring-like weather and it has lifted people’s spirits better than a mountain preacher at a revival. I’m sure it’s psychological…How can you be upset about anything when the weather is so picture perfect?

Wherever I went this past weekend, folks were out and about enjoying the outdoors…sleeves rolled up and faces rosy from the sun. Most importantly, they appeared happy…Gone were the serious faces and pensive moods.

The greatest sight was an elderly man in a pick up truck with the windows open… singing on top of his lungs. No radio for this guy…He was obviously in a fantastic mood and he didn’t care who heard him belting out a song. I really enjoyed being entertained on the highway.

The forecast calls for cooler weather later in the week. Winter isn’t quite over yet but since we’ve had a preview of good times to come, I think I’ll hold on to my smile.

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