Today is my first born child’s 37th birthday. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. After labor pains started early that morning, I went to the hospital but was told that it could be many hours, even days before I gave birth. I left and went to spend the day at my parent’s house only minutes from the hospital. My teenage brothers came home from school excited that they would soon be given the new title of Uncle. My neighbor and dear childhood friend, Sharon came over to give me moral support. She was a nurse and having her there was very calming.

Early that evening, my contractions started up again and I was taken back to the hospital. My friend Sharon walked to the hospital and up many flights of stairs to be my birthing coach. She was an Orthodox Jew and it was the Jewish Sabbath so she would not drive or get into an elevator. My son came into the world at 11:32 p.m…..I will never forget the moment they placed him in my arms. I couldn’t believe that I created this absolutely gorgeous baby.

I tell my eldest son, “You don’t love your first child more than your others…you just love them harder.
Everything that you experience is a first and you are learning right along with them. There isn’t a childrearing book written that guarantees that you will be a wonderful parent. A lot of things you have to learn in this adventure called life.

The other day my son said, “Mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. You were always there for me…every step along the way.” His words brought tears to me eyes.

My heart was overflowing with love…..

Happy 37th Birthday Jason!

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