My husband is turning 65 tomorrow. Almost 40 years ago, we imagined that at this age, we would be traveling the country in a fabulous RV, having adventures.

In reality, it will be a regular work day.

We are not going to be retiring any time soon unless we win the lottery.

Last week we matched 3 numbers and won 7 dollars!

Keep the dream alive!

For two “kids” who have known each other since they were 15, this all seems rather surreal.

The other day, we talked about our journey together and what we’ve learned in the almost 4 decades we’ve been married.

Here are the highlights….

Kindness will earn you loyalty. Be good to your partner and he or she will be there by your side, for all the great, not so great and downright miserable moments of your life.

Generosity is a beautiful trait. Sharing that last piece of steak holds hidden meaning. A person who would make a sacrifice for you is worth keeping around.

Add a heavy dose of these “L” words to your daily life.  LOVE and LAUGHTER will be the super glue that holds you together even when you’re feeling like you want to pack your bags and find a new life!

Loving someone unconditionally is more than just words. If you want perfection, go eat a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven.  A good marriage will survive the ones with broken pieces.They actually taste the same!

Grow wiser each year.  Learn to let go of the past and live each day to the fullest. Have no regrets…

Happy Birthday Richard! You ROCK my world! FB_IMG_1442288531088

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