The holidays are here and this is the first holiday season (since we’ve been married) that my husband and I are without family….The children have all moved away and we have no other relatives living in this neck of the woods. My husband’s work schedule makes it difficult for us to travel during the holidays.So here we are …just the two of us.

I really enjoyed having a houseful of kids during the holidays. We didn’t have a lot of money back then, but we certainly had a lot of fun.. As I sit here in the silence of the moment, I take a little trip down memory lane. I remember how much I loved watching my children open their holiday gifts.We used to take turns so everyone would have their own special time and most importantly… an audience.They were always so appreciative of everything they received. If I close my eyes , I can still see their excited faces and hear their laughter.

Tonight I met a young family with seven adorable children. I complimented the Mother on her beautiful family and told her to enjoy every delicious moment…It goes by so very quickly.

Happy Holidays to all my readers…. Good health, joy and happiness to all of you!

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