My eldest son is now 36… the exact age I was when the family moved to Asheville, North Carolina 23 years ago.

Jason has an unbelievable memory for details most of us would forget. He remembers everything from the moment we arrived in North Carolina in 1987. Throw out a date and he’ll provide the story!

The other night we were reminiscing and I said, Jason, you are the only one of the kids who can remember what my life was like as a 36 year old Mother with 4 kids (13 and under), living in a new town and starting all over again.”

“Mom”, he said (sounding more like a friend than my child), I remember everything about you at this age, almost as if it all happened yesterday! “Can you believe that now I’m the one who’s 36 years old, married and the Father of a little girl?

Since this was a telephone conversation (we live hundreds of miles away from each other) my son couldn’t see the tears in my eyes.

My first born child and I have come full circle!

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