Today, I was shopping and had the opportunity to talk to a few salespeople who work strictly on commission. They were all standing around looking pretty miserable because none of them had made a sale all day. They expressed their frustration at not only their lack of business but at the sluggish economy in general.

I wasn’t surprised that the subject turned to the up and coming elections. One young man announced he wasn’t going to vote because he disliked both the Presidential candidates. He went on to say that it was our fault (the older generation) for the economic crisis we were in because we voted for all the “losers” who got us into this mess.

I told the young man that not voting and blaming others would not solve anything. I suggested that he get involved in local politics to try to make a difference…starting with his own community. He looked at me weirdly as if I had asked him to jump off a bridge.He shrugged and said, “That will never happen because one person can’t make a difference”.

Wrong..wrong..wrong. Every person can help make change happen but it must be understood…change isn’t going to happen overnight.Being apathetic and leaving it all up to the other guy is a cop out.

Hate the way things are? Get out there and make change happen!

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