Hip Hop Artist Heidi D

Hip Hop Artist Heidi D

This was a VERY exciting week. My daughter, hip hop artist Heidi D, released her new video. Below is the press release:

Rapper/songwriter/producer HEIDI D has released her OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for the new hit single “Follow You Down.”  Reviving the art of original storytelling in hip hop, this haunting song was developed into an epic visual masterpiece alongside internationally acclaimed director Michelle Farache.  A masterful lyricist and creative risk taker, Heidi D’s artistry is as ever growing as her spiritual journey.  “Follow You Down” is a powerful, passionate debut, being hailed as one of the boldest independent efforts to hit the music scene in years.

As the woman who gave birth to this creative young woman, I feel a sense of pride in her musical accomplishments. Heidi was raised on music…It was as much a part of her life as the air she breathed and the food that she ate. Music nourished Heidi’s soul. When she was just a toddler, I did my housework to the music of the Pointer Sisters. Heidi and her little brother ( a.k.a Adventure Paul) spent many hours dancing around the living area of the big old house we lived in on Miami Beach.

Her oldest brother Jason started writing music about the time that Heidi was born and our home was always resonating to the beat of his songs. As the years went by, Heidi developed her own taste in music. Behind closed doors we could hear the music pulsating. My biggest surprise came when Heidi recorded her first song. I always knew that she was a brilliant writer but I had never heard her rap or sing not even in the shower. One song quickly led to another …What emerged was one of the BEST female hip hop artists in the industry.

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