I had an experience yesterday that just fueled my anger at all the incompetence in the workforce…a subject I’ve written about several times.

About a week ago, I had a pair of transitional glasses made. From the moment I put them on I knew something was wrong. I was using the same frames and the same prescription so the only thing that was changing was the lenses. The optician insisted I try them out for a week. I spent a week being really dizzy and feeling that something was off.

When I went back and described my symptoms, the optician looked at my chart and said,” You must be having trouble getting used to this new prescription.” I explained to her that the Doctor had not changed my prescription. (Fortunately, my husband had been present during that visit and also heard the Doctor say that my prescription was not changing). The optician sat there insisting that we were wrong and developed quite an attitude. She said I would have to come back in and see the Doctor. I refused to come back and be charged for another visit. I asked her to put my old lenses back in my frames, get the office manager to credit my account for the transitional lenses and I’d be on my way.

Getting miffed, the optician went to the other side of the building to get my medical records from the Doctor… to prove she was right. . She came back with a sheepish look on her face.Someone had made a mistake when transcribing the prescription and it had been changed. It was supposed to have stayed the same. She offered no apology for the mistake.

The optician put my old lenses back in my frames and I walked out leaving my husband to get the credit put back on his credit card. I was furious at the way we were treated and the week of misery I had to endure because of someone’s incompetence.

There are medical mistakes made every day and as far as I’m concerned NO EXCUSE for any of them. I’m fortunate that mine wasn’t worse.

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