My husband and I have our 40th high school reunion coming up. We can’t believe how fast time flies. We’ve known each other since we were 15. I came in 11th grade as the “new girl” from across town and as luck would have it I was assigned to his homeroom.All I can say is….He was (and still is) the cutest guy in the class with the BEST personality.

It’s funny how you see pictures of your former classmates and think”What happened…they look so different!” It’s as if we’re blind to the fact that we have changed also. I look at my husband and all I can see is the same cute guy…the same infectious laugh..the same nice person that he was 40 years ago.

The other day he walked in with yellow roses…just to say”I love you.”
And as he has done for decades…he touched my heart beyond words!

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