I took an hour today to go holiday shopping at the mall. School was cancelled because of the snow and the mall was filled with people. Almost everything was on sale even merchandise that normally wouldn’t be reduced until after the holidays.

What really impressed me was the customer service…Most salespeople have finally figured out that there are no other retail jobs out there (worst job market in years ) and they need to be on their best behavior.

Consumers are shopping…just very wisely. One young mother told me that she isn’t being an impulsive shopper this year and is comparing prices more than ever. She was searching for a holiday outfit for her 3 year old and was hitting every department store in the mall before making her decision.

The important thing is…consumers are buying which fuels the economy. As far as I’m concerned, those sale prices I saw everywhere today are what the items should be priced all the time. What’s better…volume sales making a little less profit or inflated priced merchandise left sitting on the shelves?

We all know the answer to that question…. Happy Shopping!

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