I get asked (mostly by the younger generation) how I have managed to stay married for so many years. No secret formula. I’m with a man who knows how to treat his lady!

Late last night, we were cuddling under a blanket on the loveseat, watching repeats of The Nanny for the hundredth time. (I’ve already given you a sneak preview of two things he does right.) Suddenly, this idea came to me! Why not educate men on how to keep their ladies happy.

Debi Drecksler’s Keep Your Woman Happy List

1. Don’t forget her Birthday, Anniversary, (Not married? I promise you that your lady knows exactly how long you’ve been dating, even if you have no idea!) Valentine’s Day and any other occasion that gives you a reason to bring her chocolate and/or flowers. It will be a sweet day (and night) if you do! Bring her something special for absolutely no reason and she will talk about it for years!
2.Take a shower before expressing those amorous feelings! (Especially when you come home smelling like clothes that have been left in the hamper too long!) If you’re not sporting a beard, shaving scores you points, especially if your woman has sensitive skin, like the redhead compiling this list!
3. While we’re talking bathrooms, PUT THAT TOILET SEAT DOWN or better yet, go use the extra bathroom. No kidding…I have seen couples end up in divorce court over this!
4. Be nice to your woman every day of the month including her “I’m so bloated” or (in later years) ” turn on the a/c…I don’t care if it’s winter!” days!
5. Compliment her when she’s pregnant, especially in those last few weeks. Remind her how beautiful she is, even when she can’t see her feet and the scale doesn’t go up that high!
6.Be fair about what movies/television shows you watch together. (Especially if she’s watched your violent, bloody, not much plot shows with you a hundred times!)
7. Have a good sense of humor BUT know when to draw the line. (If she comes out of the ladies room with half a roll of toilet paper stuck to her gorgeous new shoes, you have to tell her!)
8.Learn to tolerate her relatives, even if she has so many you could fill up Carnegie Hall with them. Go to the family events with a positive attitude! ( Take a heavy dose of alka seltzer and plaster a big fake smile on your face.) She will do the same for you!
9.If she wants to cuddle at the end of a long day (and whisper sweet nothings in your ear) give her a few precious minutes of your time. YOU WILL REAP THE BENEFITS!!
10. Learn to compromise, especially when you both have the tendency to be hard headed and always right. You do not want your relationship to turn into The War Of The Roses. Give a little…take a little…Turn those words into your mantra and you will get through just about anything.

Most importantly…A simple, “I Love You!” is the very BEST way to start and end each day!

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