I ran into the drugstore the other day to pick up something and as I stood in line waiting to pay, the girl in front of me turned to apologize for taking so long checking out. “No problem,”I said.”I’m just on my way to the doctor for a healthy check-up and I’ve got time to spare.” As an afterthought I added, “Ever since my little sister fought and won her battle with cancer, I take my health a little more seriously. It was definitely my wake-up call.”

The cashier looked up and smiled. “Good thing to do,”she said. “I’m a 3 time cancer survivor and I’m still kicking. I went through years of fighting back and getting healthy again. I beat that cancer and I’m feeling GREAT!”

” I would never think you had a care in the world,” I replied. “Every time I come in here you’re happy and kidding with the customers. You always look and act like the picture of health. Who knew you were going through all that.” The other customer nodded her head in agreement.

The cashier smiled at us and said, “What good would it do to bring my customers down with all the details. They’re here to shop and my job is to give them good service and send them on their way. I’m a survivor…that’s all that’s important to know. I am still here and I don’t plan on going anywhere!”

As I walked out the door moments later, I had this crazy urge to run back in and give that cashier a hug. As I turned to look at her, I saw her chatting with the next customer…making their day just a little bit brighter.

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