On Friday Dec 11th, I wrote about my husband’s missing gold chain and the story behind how and why it was created.

Today, I was upstairs in our office and since Richard was gone on a 12 hour job, (the guy works incredibly hard) I decided to give the room a really good vacuuming. First I climbed up on a stool and did all the blinds. Crawling under my desk, to the very back against the wall, I started to untangle all the computer wires etc.. and on the very bottom something caught my eye. It was the chain !!
A link had broken which explains why it fell off my husband’s neck. But how it got all the way under my desk tucked under a big tangled mess of wires is the question we may never have an answer for.

I’m ok with that because I believe in miracles… especially on Chanukah!!

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