Today I was at the new townhouse trying to figure out how to work all the spanking new modern appliances.First, let me say that I am a college graduate. Sorry folks… All that education from the early 70’s didn’t help when it came to trying to figure out how to work an oven that looked like a high tech computer. YES..I read the instruction book and NO…I did not understand one single thing in it.

When my husband came back from running an errand, he got a little upset at the fact that I was leaning over the stove struggling to read the tiny little writing on the multitude of oven buttons. It’s not my fault that the nincompoops who create these appliances don’t take people over 50 into consideration. ” Careful Debi..You’ll catch your long red hair on fire” he hollered as he shut off the stove button I had accidentally turned on.

I looked at him smugly. “This new contraption has NO burners so I can’t possibly set my hair on fire.The heat is under the glass. The worst I’ll do is burn the heck out of it.”

He looked at me with love in his eyes. (Ok…that part I made up). For that one moment…I felt so knowledgeable. Maybe eventually more of it would start to sink in.

Not bad for a 1950’s Momma who is still trying to figure how to program her VCR.

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