If I win the lottery, I’ve planned out exactly how I’m going to spend the money. I won’t be one of those folks who gets photographed with a dumbfounded expression on their face. Not me!! I’ll just pull my wish list out of my pocket and give those reporters something to write about.
First thing on my list is to take my darling husband to a tailor who will hem all his Kmart Wrangler jeans to the perfect length, his one request if we ever got rich. (He’s not a high maintenance kind of guy.)

Next I will build my songwriting daughter, a.k.a. favorite youngest daughter, her own recording studio with all the latest equipment. No more shlepping to the big city to record her hit songs!

My six year old granddaughter will get a trip to Toys R Us where she will dance through the aisles picking out everything she wants without her parents telling her to put it all back. Oh, the thrill of being the Bubbi (Grandmother).

After that, I will buy my favorite youngest son’s cat, Bak Bak, (she thinks she’s the other grandchild) a HUGE cat condo filled with all the bells and whistles. Poor thing has had to make do with the little one I bought her a while back.

Then of course, I’ll pay off all my children’s college loans and any credit card debt and make sure they have a year’s supply of food in their cupboards and a well stocked refrigerator. (A Jewish Mother thing.)

Since I don’t drive anymore, a chauffeur with a good sense of humor would be nice and greatly appreciated by my husband, who often finds me stowed away in the back of his cargo van. And if he happens to look like John Travolta, that’s perfectly fine.

My 200 assorted relatives will receive monetary gifts, of course, along with the friends who have stuck by my side through thick and thin. (And I’m not talking about my weight.)

My best friend Judi who has 11 kids and at the last count, 23 grandchildren, will be accompanying me to a spa, where we will be pampered nonstop until she gets another call about a daughter in labor!

And when I go out to eat, which will be often, (why is my husband reading this over my shoulder and cheering?) I will be leaving enormous tips on the table for those hard working servers. Maybe I’ll even pay off their college loans!

I’ll probably still do my own housework, grocery shop with coupons and shop at the outlet stores. But just think…I won’t have to go to the clearance rack anymore!


And if I win and you’ve been a loyal reader, send me an email with your wish list! You never know when a package or two may show up at your doorstep!

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