I started my professional writing career back in the 90’s writing hundreds of consumer columns. Lately, I have felt the calling again.

Medical Office Design
Typical Doctor’s Waiting Area

Several weeks ago, I had a doctor’s appointment. I love this doctor for her bedside manner and genuine concern for her patients. What I don’t like is the front desk personnel’s lack of professionalism. The last two visits were identical. One of the young staff members checked me in and told me to go take a seat in the waiting area. For the next twenty minutes, I listened to four staff member’s recounts of their love life, money woes, problems with friends and family members and  lots of silly bantering. The average age of the office staff is mid-late twenties. I am not sure they realized how loud they were talking. Perhaps they didn’t care. I wanted to say something but felt it wasn’t my place.

Here is why the above scenario made me uncomfortable.

1. I felt like I was intruding in a private conversation by being forced to sit in the waiting area and hear every word. I observed that other patients were listening.

2. It was a Doctor’s office and I started wondering if they were being responsible and competent with patient’s medical records, etc. Mistakes can be deadly.

3. They were overstaffed and I started thinking about how expensive medical care is and how cutting out a few of the “loafers” might save me money.

I am considering writing the Doctor an anonymous letter making her aware of the above concerns.

I think she would appreciate knowing.

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