Last night was my third week performing at Tomato Tuesdays, at the New French Bar. We had a great turnout and the room was packed! Once again, I was the oldest and only g-rated comic, both of which puts me in a category all my own.
My Dad used to say, “Keep your mind sharp by challenging it with stimulating activities !” Dad, if you are up there listening…I am taking your advice very literally!

Each week so far, I have showed up with new material, (something not required). I’ve been working hard, in between everything else going on in my life, to memorize my set and not stand there (G-d forbid) with a blank expression on my face.

For some reason, I was extremely overheated last night. We had a big turnout of comics ( a very funny group) and it was a while, before my name was called to perform. All I wanted to do was run outside and take a breath of very cold, fresh air. By the time I performed, I was so dehydrated, I started blanking out even though I knew my set backwards and forwards. I left jokes out and reversed the order of a few.

My fellow comedians may have picked up on my off night, but no-one said anything negative to me. I actually received a couple of compliments after the show.

I just wish I wasn’t so hard on myself!

p.s. On the bright side…If anyone is looking for a g-rated, Jewish early baby boomer female comic, I won’t have too much competition in Western North Carolina!

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