I’ve had it with incompetency on the job. I’m tired of wasting my time unraveling other people’s stupid mistakes. I have more important things to do!

Let’s start with the letter I received from the hospital saying that I owed for a lab test because I had no health insurance. That’s amazing since I’ve paid monthly for health insurance for 32 years…..I spent 30 minutes on the phone with the hospital having to repeat all my insurance information because someone from the Doctor’s office where the test was performed checked off no insurance when the bill was submitted. I remember standing at the front desk of the Doctor’s office watching the receptionist copy my insurance card as they do at every visit. When I called them to address the issue…no-one would admit that they goofed. What a surprise!

Recently, I used my credit card (over the telephone) to extend a warranty on my washing machine. Later that week I received a call from the same company asking me if I wanted to extend the warranty on my washing machine. I never do a telephone transaction without keeping meticulous notes…But even with the information I provided about the warranty transaction, I was kept hanging on for almost an hour . The operator with the help of her supervisor, finally figured out that my records mistakenly showed that I had 2 washing machines. They blamed it on a computer error. How convenient…Blame it on a machine!

Two days ago, my husband and I purchased a vehicle. We sat with the young man in finance going over every detail of the application twice to make sure there were no mistakes. Yesterday, we get a phone call that the young man had made numerous mistakes, making it necessary for us to make the long trip back to the car dealership to sign new paperwork. His boss said he was “new on the job” as if that made everything OK.

The problem is….Employees are becoming careless on the job and the mistakes are costing consumers big time. Enough with the computer glitches and he’s the new employee excuses. What companies need to do is properly train employees and be responsible for their employee’s actions.

Consumers should not have to settle for anything less.

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