Last Sunday, hubby and I attended the Village Art & Craft Fair. It was in the 90’s, hot and humid, but the area was packed with locals and tourists. The first booth I visited caught my eye because of the colorful display of artwork. Jayne Vinsant and I quickly became friends as I admired all the beautiful artwork, she and her husband Al created. I was immediately drawn to a beach scene which reminded of my childhood.

“Inspirations” by Iron Petal is a visual delight.

Our work is a culmination of custom photographs taken on our travels that inspired us, coupled with quotes or scripture, that do the same. We collage them with handmade papers, textures and paint finishes, to complete an original art form that we get excited about, one that touches our heart.

Al & Jayne Vinsant

This piece is made from wood substrate that has been stone edge ground and painted, then collaged with a custom photograph, handmade papers, then a hand written quote was interjected along with an antiquing that gives it an  old world effect.

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