The other day I was a little surprised to read a young friend’s Facebook post where she expressed her concern about being SO old and not having accomplished what she should have by that age. I think she’s around 27. That sounds pretty young to me to be stressed about something like that. I was wondering if she was comparing herself to her friends or trying to live up to someone’s expectations of where she should be at this stage of her life.

I’m used to hearing it more from my age group who I think have legitimate reasons to be looking at their lives and thinking about whether or not they’ve fulfilled their bucket list of dreams, hopes and expectations. I’ve had friends pass away (much too young) and it absolutely makes you stop and think,” Is this all I can expect from life?” My response would be, “Absolutely not!” My reasoning is…If that is all you expect from life then what can you look forward to?

My life like many others, has had its up and downs.  I haven’t visited any exotic islands or lived a carefree lifestyle. I’ve had my share of hardships. With all that said, I try to look at life as a half filled glass. If I had already traveled the world and lived problem free, I might not appreciate anything wonderful that comes my way.

Miami Beach

I get a lot of enjoyment out of planning the adventures I would like to have one day. Thanks to a show called House Hunters International I’ve already had the opportunity to see the world and choose my favorite places to visit. Since I LOVE the ocean, there are many exotic beaches on that list.

Even if I don’t fulfill everything on my bucket list, I will have no regrets.

I’ve spent my life looking forward with anticipation to spending time with loved ones, desserts at the end of a meal and special moments that I capture in my heart forever!


This story is dedicated to my friends John W. Pinky R. Mike M.  Steffon M. and Priscilla K.



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