The other day I wrote about our gas shortage in Western North Carolina and yesterday our prayers were answered….The gas started arriving…The lines were still backed up but this time people were a lot more patient and kinder to one another because there was more gas to go around.

I want to thank the gas station owners who tried so hard to help their customers…Many of them sent staff outside to direct traffic and make sure there were no tempers flaring. I think most stations in our area were innocent victims in this whole fiasco…Unfortunately the news reports seemed to concentrate more on the negativity… the few stations that were price gouging etc..than the people who really tried to help.

I personally witnessed several acts of kindness including people who stopped to help push cars when they ran out of gas. People in our neck of the woods usually will help a person in distress….We’re friendly in the South!

I think it’s been a long stressful week for everyone. I’m glad it’s Friday!

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