One day, after a milestone birthday, I decided to splurge on a heavy dose of self confidence. I stopped wasting precious time being my own worst critic! The “I’m not skinny enough, attractive enough, smart enough” syndrome came to a screeching halt. Instead of fighting what I considered life’s greatest curses, a body that wasn’t built to be a size 6, a head full of wild hair that refused to be tamed, and a complete lack of sense of direction (I get lost in parking lots)…I accepted ME exactly the way I was. It was long overdue!

I realized that being voluptuous wasn’t the end of the world (my husband says “Amen” to that), the natural waves cascading past my shoulders evoked comments from complete strangers (all good) and having no sense of direction had made me some interesting friends through the years.(At least a few security guards in malls).

As the years tick by, I grow less concerned with what people think about me and more interested in what they think about!

Not a bad thing at all!

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