Tonight, the hubby and I took a break from moving to have dinner at our new favorite hangout and as usual we met some really interesting people.

First we shared some stimulating conversation with a retired couple about the economic situation in this country and then we chatted with a couple who talked about the pros and cons of owning a 90 year old house.

The highlight of the meal was when a customer who had just walked in came over and said, “Do you remember me?” I looked up into the face of an exquisite young woman named Yolanda who I knew many years ago when she was a waitress at a favorite restaurant of mine. I remember her as smart, witty and devoted to her children. Yolanda and her family immigrated to Asheville from Mexico over 20 years ago and the biggest priority in her life was providing her sons with a good education. I remember how excited she was when her oldest son was accepted into the Gifted Program at his elementary school.

Now, all these years later…I am so pleased to reconnect with this wonderful family. It is no surprise to me that the oldest son was just accepted to UNC Chapel Hill. He plans to be a Doctor. The youngest son is in the 4th grade and wants to be a Veterinarian when he grows up.

I can’t wait to hear the next chapter in their lives….

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