My youngest daughter Heidi just relocated from San Francisco to L.A.
The time had come for her to continue the journey that began last December.

The hardest part was saying goodbye to her incredible landlords, who were like second parents to her during the eight months she lived in the downstairs of their beautiful home. She will never forget this caring couple who brought her medicine and supplies when she was ill, talked to her whenever she needed a friend, came bearing gifts at the most unexpected moments and treated her like family from the day she arrived.

I am extremely appreciative to this couple for the way they treated my daughter. They touched her life in such a loving, positive way. Of the many places my daughter could have lived in San Francisco, she somehow found her way to the kindest landlords in the entire city. I don’t believe this was a coincidence. I truly believe that God sent two angels to protect my youngest daughter on the first leg of her exciting journey.

I am forever grateful.

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