Being a Consumer Writer has had a positive impact on every aspect of my life including my health. Recently, I faced a health issue and I found myself frustrated because I wasn’t getting any answers from the Doctor I was dealing with. He was giving me the most dismal prognosis and I wasn’t buying it.

I sought out a second opinion and received a completely different prognosis. Let me explain one thing to my readers…You will never get a Doctor to admit that his colleague blew it big time. If you are lucky you will get a I’m really glad you made the decision to come here today which translates to I can’t bash my fellow Physicians. Most importantly, he gave me hope which is a powerful healing force.

Every patient has the right to go for a second or even third opinion. Don’t be afraid to challenge a prognosis. If something doesn’t sit right with you…trust your inner voice!

It’s your health…your body and your life that we’re talking about!

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