It was a very exhausting, stifling hot day and I’d spent most of it working in the office. My husband (in between jobs) drove me over to Earth Fare to pick up a couple of things.  The store, as usual, was filled with activity. It’s always more than just a shopping trip to step inside that store..It’s an experience!

That day was no exception.There were interesting sights everywhere from the children dancing through the store to the grownups conversing in every aisle. The store is a place to meet and mingle.

I could see my husband was in a hurry, so I quickly did my shopping. As I stood in a long check-out line, a young man walked up to me and said, “Come up front. I’ll check you out at the service desk.” As I pulled my groceries out of the basket, he said, “So how is your day going?” I gave him a depressing look and answered, “Up until now…not that great. My husband found our car windshield cracked this morning and that was just one of several things that got our day off to a really bad start!
He looked at me for a long moment and said, “I’m sorry to hear that and I really hope that the rest of your day goes better!” I told him I appreciated his thoughtfulness and left the store.

Now here’s the thing about that 30 second conversation…It turned my whole day around and put a smile on my face.

Thank-you friendly guy in Earth Fare! You have no idea how you  touched my heart with a few kind words!

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