Today while shopping at Home Depot, I mentioned to the head of one of the departments how much I appreciated being greeted by almost every employee as I cruised down the aisles. She laughed and said some customers actually got aggravated with the practice and complained about it.

Folks..I’m baffled. We complain when we walk into a store and no-one greets us and we’re totally ignored … So what’s the problem if a store chooses to be overly nice and make it their policy to have every single staff member call out a friendly greeting?

I never walk out of Home Depot without a smile on my face because when someone smiles at me …I smile back. As far as I’m concerned …Let those Home Depot employees keep on spreading good cheer.

And to those grumps who think it’s overkill…Go shop at the competition (starts with an L) where they’re way too busy to say hello.

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