Two nights ago, while driving down a dark stretch of highway, my husband did not see a huge tree that had fallen across both sides of traffic. There was no way to avoid crashing into the tree, it all happened so quickly! Our car took the full brunt of the impact and by some miracle the cracked windshield did not shatter in our faces.

Twice this year, my husband and I could have lost our lives or been seriously injured in a car accident and both times we walked away unscathed. We believe we have Guardian angels watching over us.

Like many Americans, our family has faced challenges this year that at times have left me terribly frustrated. I’ve tried hard to stay positive and optimistic but I’d be lying if I said it has always worked. I just make a point to be sad in private.

Last night, I realized the connection between what happened on that highway and real life. There are things that happen in life that we have no control over. Just like that tree on the highway, we have no way to skirt around them. We have no choice but to face them head on. And like the miracle of walking away from an accident unharmed, we have to remember how lucky we are that things aren’t worse.

We need to take time to count our blessings.

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