Technology changes so fast it makes me dizzy. I’m still trying to figure out how to work my DVD player. It seems like as soon as I learned how to work my VCR player it was outdated. I feel a real sense of accomplishment managing this Blog all by myself! ..Of course, credit goes to my web designer/computer whiz/favorite youngest child , Paul Eric Drecksler, who set everything up for me and then changed his phone number (just kidding).

Speaking of Paul…His website is looking terrific! I think everything he does is great but this takes the cake! He has made it so easy to maneuver even online newbies can quickly walk through all the steps…get their questions answered and make a purchase…all from the comfort of their home or office.

I love my new Verizon cell phone ….( yes…I bought it from and now that I have a phone with a real keyboard I can text to my heart’s delight….I think I’ll go text Paul and let him know what a satisfied customer I am!

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